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University of Wisconsin-Marinette

The Associate of Arts and Science Degree with Emphasis


What is an Emphasis?

UW-Marinette offers students the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts and Science (AAS) Degree with a specific area of emphasis. An emphasis is a concentration of course work in a given discipline or area of study. Completing an AAS Degree with an area of emphasis is not a requirement; it is an option to enhance the overall general studies associate degree.

When considering an area of emphasis, there are two important points to remember:

  • Bachelor's degree programs into which a student can transfer are not limited to this set of emphases. The AAS Degree is an excellent start toward most four-year majors.
  • Careful transfer planning is still important and necessary beyond completing requirements for an emphasis.

Emphasis Programs Available at UW-Marinette

Anthropology Geography Physics
Biological Sciences Geosciences Pre-Nursing
Business Health Science Psychology
Chemistry History Sociology
Computer Science Literature Sustainability
Education Mathematics Theatre Arts
Engineering Music Women's Studies
Environmental Studies Philosophy  


Benefits of Completing an Associate of Arts & Science Degree with Emphasis

  • Provides focus for the first two years of study
  • Expands knowledge and skills in a particular area of personal, professional or academic interest
  • Offers the opportunity to "test drive" an academic major for a bachelor's degree
  • Communicates a specific area of interest and expertise by adding definition to the general studies Associate of Arts & Science Degree.

For More Information

Meet with an Academic Advisor. Call Student Services at 715-735-4300 ext. 4301.