Become An International Host or Friend


International students bring a wealth of cultural diversity to our community and benefit so much from the warm reception they receive, and from the experience of living with families such as yours.  

Host and Friendship Families are an invaluable part of the international student programs on our campus. As far back as 1988, local families have been asked to house young adults for as long as one academic year. More recently, most students live in our Student Housing Apartments, but need a home for 3 to 4 nights before orientation begins. 

What are the differences between “Host Families” and “Friendship Families?”

The main difference between the two programs is the length of time a student lives in your home (and the length of the application J). 

Students in certain programs are required to live with a “Host” for their first year here or for the length of their program if it’s shorter.  A few students in these programs come for only one semester. 

With the addition of Student Housing Apartments in 2012, an increasing number of international students are applying here independently, without the sponsorship of an exchange organization. These non-program students live primarily in Student Housing. However, we are required to implement a comprehensive orientation for all international students, and that means they arrive before student housing opens for the year. These students need a place to live for just 3 to 4 nights prior to orientation in either August or January, and the people who house these students are known as Friendship Families. After the students move to student housing, we ask that they maintain contact with their “Friend” throughout the year.