Returning Adult Students

Whether you are thinking of starting your college career for the first time or thinking about completing the degree that you've already begun, we know it is a huge decision for you. You are probably feeling nervous about taking that first step. We are here to help.

We understand adult students at UW-Marinette. About 30% of our total enrollment is made up of adults (age 22 or older). We recognize that your needs differ significantly from those of the traditional-aged student and we will make every effort to meet those needs. With UW-Marinette's user-friendly size, comfortable environment, affordable cost, approachable faculty and helpful support services, you will find reaching your goals more than possible.

Taking the first step might be the hardest part. One important source of help in getting started at UW-Marinette is the Office of Student Affairs, where a full-time advisor is dedicated to serving the needs of adult students. Whether you simply need to know where to begin, or whether you have complex questions about transfer and career issues, our Office of Student Affairs is here to help you. Contact the office directly at 715-735-4300, ext. 4301 for an appointment.

Jim Kostura and Andrea Skowlund are adult students at UW-Marinette. Watch these videos to find out about their journeys toward their UW degrees.