Student Employment

The Federal Work Study Program offers part-time student employment based on demonstrated financial need. (Some full time work may be available in the summer.) Work Study students are employed on campus in a variety of jobs for a variety of departments.

Eligibility for Federal Work Study is determined from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as part the financial aid package awarded to the student. Students who qualify for the work study program are notified in their financial aid award letter and invited to contact the Solution Centers about available positions on campus.

Work study students are hired for hours which fit around their class schedules and are paid by check bi-weekly. The big advantage of working on campus is that the student is always a student first and a worker second. That means that schedules can be temporarily modified to fit an exam schedule or a heavy homework load if needed.

Working on campus helps you earn money to pay for your educational expenses. You work your job around your class schedule providing you the flexibility needed to be a successful student.

Types of Student Employment on Campus

Federal Work-Study - Students who have applied for financial aid and been offered work-study on their award letter.

Regular Student Employment - Students who may not have applied for financial aid or students not offered work-study on their award letter.

How to Apply for Student Employment

Federal Work-Study

Regular Student Employment

Complete the campus student employment application and return it to the Solution Center.

Fall 2015 Workstudy Positions 

First year pay rate - $7.25 per hour 
Second year rate returning to same position - $7.50 per hour 

For more information contact the Solution Center at 715-735-4300 ext. 4332 or e-mail Cindy Bailey for employment options and Penny Aguilar for payment questions.