Additional Fees

Registration Fees

$95 New & transfer students (includes placement exam fee)
$20 Special and re-entry students
$35 Placement Exam Fee

Audit fees

Wisconsin Residents Under age 60 - $56 per credit.
Wisconsin Residents age 60 and older - No fee.
Non-residents - $239 per credit.

Students may audit courses only with faculty approval. Audited courses do not count for degree credit. Students who take both credit and audit courses pay 100% of regular -per credit fee.

Returned Checks

A $20 charge (plus any applicable bank charges) will be assessed for checks returned by the bank for "non-sufficient funds."

Printing Fee

A printing fee of $15.00 per semester will be assessed for each UW-Marinette student which will allow a student to print 300 pages of documents. An additional 100 pages will be added to the student’s balance free of charge for a total of 400 pages per semester. Additional pages may be purchased in $5.00 increments (100 pages), as needed, through the Business Office or Student Affairs.

Online Course Fees

See the UW Colleges Online Tuition & Fees schedule.