Registration & Enrollment


Registration Information Sessions


  1. For fall, the priority application due date has been set for July 1, 2014.
    • If you're a new student, contact your high school and ask that a copy of your high school transcript be forwarded to UW-Marinette. If you have earned a G.E.D., bring it to the Student Affairs Office.
    • If you've attended any colleges, contact those colleges as well as our high school and ask that a copy fo your transcripts be forwarded to UW-Marinette.
    • If you are still in high school or an adult special student and you want to apply, you may enroll for up to six credits of course work before you have to submit any previous educational records
  2. After your application materials have been processed, you'll receive in the mail a "Registration Confirmation Form" along with information about registering for classes and placement tests.
  3. Call 715-735-4300 ext. 4301 to reserve a space for residual Placement Tests. In order to register for certain courses, you must first take the placement tests. There is a $35 fee for special students who need Placement tests.
  4. Attend a registration appointment where information and assistance will be available to help you select courses.

The registration appointment will provide you an opportunity to ask questions, see an academic advisor, and become familiar with the procedures and regulations of UW-Marinette. When you complete the appointment session you will be enrolled in courses for the upcoming semester. The regulations and requirements of the UW Colleges are published in the University of Wisconsin Colleges Catalog. All students should become familiar with them.

Once you have applied and been accepted, you will need to take the following steps:

  • confirm your intent to enroll at this campus
  • receive registration and orientation information mailed to you from the Student Affairs Office
  • participate in an on-campus registration program (all new freshmen and transfer students)
    • meet with a student affairs or faculty advisor to select classes that fit your course of study
    • enter your class choices into the online student information and registration system

Once you submit your class choices in PRISM, you are registered whether or not you pay fees and tuition or attend classes.

Please note: students must accept the Terms and Conditions in Prism before registering.

Additional Resources

Please see the Registration & Enrollment pages on the UW Colleges administrative website for more information about: