Registration and Orientation

Congratulations on your acceptance to UW-Marinette! 

The registration process was developed to help students prepare for the first day of classes. First, you will attend a Registration Information Session. If you haven't taken the UW System Placement Tests, you will need to sign up to take them. You will then make an appointment to meet with an Advisor to pick your classes. Finally, you will attend the New Student Orientation session before classes begin.

Registration Information Sessions

New Student Registration Sessions are required for all new students. Student Affairs Staff will be presenting information all new students need to know prior to signing up for classes. Please sign up for a registration session below:

Placement Tests

In order to determine the level of placement in college English composition and math classes, students need to complete the UW System English and Math Placement exams. Optional foreign language exams are also available in French, German and Spanish. These tests must be taken before meeting with an academic advisor and before enrolling in the first college English composition or math course.

Placement Test Information

Academic Advising Sessions

You will schedule a one-on-one advising session with an academic advisor to pick classes. Most likely this time will be selected at the end of your Registration Session. If you couldn't sign up at the end of your Registration Session, you won't be able to meet with an advisor until your placement tests have been scored. Typically, this will be completed about a week after you take the test. If you are unsure, you should check with the office/advisor before making your appointment.
To schedule an academic advising appointment, call 715-735-4300, ext. 4301.

Orientation Day

The orientation day is held at the beginning of each semester to welcome new students and their families to our campus. Learn about campus life and become familiar with UW-Marinette. You will meet your orientation leaders, learn about classes and clubs, and make new friends!

To help answer some of the questions you may have before you start classes, check out our Online Orientation.

For more information, contact Student Affairs at (715) 735-4300 ext. 4301 or email us at