Mark Klemp

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Mark Klemp

Associate Professor

(715) 735-4300 x4329
Office Hours / Schedule 

NWTC Lab (M-222)

Mon: 3pm - 4:50pm

NWTC Lec (M-117)

Tue, Thu: 11am - 12:15pm

CHE 125 Discussion (L-102)

Mon: 5pm - 5:50pm

CHE 125 Lab (M-222)

Mon: 6pm - 8:50pm

CHE 125 Lec (L-102)

Tue, Thu: 3pm - 4:15pm

CHE 155 Lec (M-117)

Tue, Thu: 1pm - 1:50pm

CHE 155 Lab (M-222)

Wed: 2pm - 4:50pm

Office Hours (M-221)

Mon: 2pm -2:50pm
Wed: 12pm - 1:50pm 


Dr. Mark Klemp joined the faculty in 2003. Previously, he taught chemistry courses at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and Washtenaw Community College. His graduate research involved the development of instrumentation and methods for high-speed gas chromatography. In 1991 he founded Chromatofast, Inc. as a continuation of his research at the University of Michigan. Chromatofast's mission was to deploy high-speed GC technology to the market through a variety of strategies including product development and licensing. He remained the R and D Director of the company until 2001.


PhD, University of Michigan
MS, University of Michigan
BS, Universiy of Wisconsin-LaCrosse