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Tara DaPra



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ENG 099 (M-113)

Tue, Thu: 9am - 9:50, 10am - 10:50am, 1:30pm-2:20pm, 2:30pm - 3:20pm

ENG 098 (L-101)

Tue, Thu: 11am-12:15pm

Office Hours (M-200)

Tuesdays: 12:30pm - 1:20pm


Tara DaPra joined the Engish faculty in the fall of 2012. She teaches at UW-Green Bay and previously at the University of Minnesota. Her MFA is in the area of creative writing. In 2007, she received the Walter H. Judd Fellowship for creative research in Ireland; and the Gesell Award for excellence in creative writing, poetry. In 2006, she received the Weisman Art Musem ArtWords Contest for poetry. Some of her publications include "On Gold Stars and Other Carrots: An Interview with Katrina Vandenberg" in Dislocate 4, Fall, 2008. Her work can also be seen in R-KV-R-Y, Portrait of Achievement, and The Rake.


MFA, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
BA, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities