UW-Marinette Student Housing Application Form

Student Housing Life...

...is an important part of the college experience. You'll meet lifelong friends. Share both joys and frustration with people who understand and care. You'll learn to appreciate people as individuals as you become part of a diverse community of students who become your second family.

There will be late night discussions, group homework projects, and activities to get involved in. Residence hall life means being responsible for yourself, but considerate of a roommate or neighbor.

Applying to UW-Marinette Student Housing

Students must be enrolled at UW-Marinette or another college or university program to reside in Student Housing. This application for housing may be submitted before applying for admission to UW-Marinette or NWTC. The housing application is not a contract and incurs no obligation, nor is it a guarantee of a housing assignment, or admission to UW-Marinette or NWTC. Contracts will be mailed beginning in late April. Housing priority is determined by the date we receive the contract. When you return a signed contract with the required deposit, the contract becomes a binding agreement between you and the University. Students will have an opportunity to request a roommate on the contract form. Both roommates must request each other for assignment to be granted.

Permanent Home Address
Current Mailing Address (if different from above)
Please note: Semester-only contracts are available for transferring, completing degree or those involved in study abroad. For further information, please contact jennifer.hass@uwc.edu.