Adult Student Resources

Returning to school as an adult student with family and job responsibilities can be a formidable task. UW-Marinette is ideally suited for the non-traditional age (over 22 years old) student. Our small size, friendly atmosphere and support services will help you achieve your goals.

Adult Student Enrollment

Adult student enrollment at UW-Marinette is approximately 20% of the total student population. With the average age of the UW-Marinette student at 26, our student body represents a broad spectrum of ages, previous preparation and backgrounds. At UW-Marinette, you are not alone. The life experiences and backgrounds that adult students bring to the classroom often add an invaluable component to discussions and learning for all.

Bachelor Degrees now available

Students with work and family obligations can now earn a Bachelor Degree from UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay and other UW four-year schools by taking courses in the classroom at UW-Marinette or online.

Adult Student Organizations

In addition to the United Way Student Club at UW-Marinette, adult students often form study groups and offer help to each other on a regular basis. The size of our campus makes it very easy to meet people and make friends.

Child Care Services

UW-Marinette does not have on-site child care facilities. However, the Solution Center is your resource for information about local agencies for child care.

Credit Learning Alternatives

Check with the Solution Center about earning credit by exam.

Independent Study

The Office of Continuing Education Extension is your resource for Independent Study. Catalogs are available. Contact Jamie Schwaba, Interim Continuing Education Program Coordinator.

Support Services

UW-Marinette is committed to serving the special needs of adult students who may have questions and need services on getting to or back into college, transfer and career issues, child care information and support, job services, or social services. Contact the Solution Center at (715) 735-4300 ext. 4301.