Campus Computing / Tech Support

Equipment & Services

UW-Marinette is proud to offer the finest technology for classroom instruction:

  • All buildings are equipped with wireless Internet access
  • Classrooms are equipped with:
    • Internet-connected computers
    • Video projection equipment
    • Document cameras for showing opaque and 3D items
    • Network and telephone jack
  • VHS and DVD components are available for use with projectors

The IT Department also provides the following instructional services:

  • Video services
  • Computer and software consultation
  • Digital and conventional audio recording

We are also a testing center and offer exam proctoring services to UW and non-UW institutions.

Computer Labs

UW-Marinette has one of the highest computer-to-student ratios in the UW System. There is one general access computer for every 10 students. Plus, add in all of the computers in the activity labs and the accessibility becomes even greater.

Computer labs are open at 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and close at 8:00 p.m. except for Friday when the labs close for the weekend at 5:00 p.m.

The standard software installed on every computer on campus is the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. The campus uses Microsoft Office 2010. Every PC has Internet access through either Internet Explorer or FireFox. Specialty software installed is course specific. Students are not allowed to write to the hard drives or install software. This is done to protect the integrity of the system for shared use by all students.

  • Computer Classroom M-108
  • Library Computer Lab L-121
  • Library Computer Lab L-143
  • Student Success Center M-113
  • Mac Computer Lab T-140

Campus Email

UW-Marinette provides every student and staff with an email account. This is regarded as an official communication avenue for campus correspondence. Thus, you should check your mailbox often for any important announcements and messages.

Checking E-Mail

While using a campus computer, you can use the full version of Outlook 2010. You will enter immediately when clicking on the Outlook icon. Or, you can open a browser on any computer, on or off campus, and visit the web email portal. You can also find this link on any one of our web site pages. You will then be asked to sign in. The password is the same as your password for the Campus Network.


Several Microsoft and Adobe products are available for purchase for a very reasonable price at UW System's software catalog. You will need a debit or credit card to purchase these items for quick delivery. Checks take time to clear.

Contact Us

Email the IT Service Center or call 888-893-9892

Classroom Technology

Please contact Katie Nast  or call 715-735-4300 x4337

Room Rental with Technology

Please contact Linda Hornick or call 715-735-4300 x4331