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UW-Milwaukee Online Courses and Certificates

UW-Milwaukee's respected and valued certificate programs cover a variety of business, engineering, information technology, management and professional fields. A certificate from the School of Continuing Education indicates that you are focused on developing your career skills and knowledge. These programs deliver current, in-depth information to strengthen your hold on your current position and to make you more attractive to prospective employers. Face-to-face courses may be offered onsite and customized, contact the campus at 715-735-4300 ext. 4343.

UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education

Ed2Go Online Course Catalog

UW-Marinette offers a wide range of interactive courses available over the internet.

With 32 different departments and over 300 courses to choose from, you are certain to find a class that will fit your interests and needs. Most courses run for six weeks and have 12 lessons (with a two-week grace period at the end). Course fees start at $89.00 and you can register and pay online. 

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LERN Online Courses and Certificates

View all LERN Online Courses and Certificates.  Participate anytime day or evening, form any computer, instruction provided by expert instructors.

Here's a great video on how LERN online classes work.

Legal Studies

In Collaboration with The Center for Legal Studies UW-Marinette offers a wide variety of  courses that provide common laws and legal training that are used in many common law countries around the world. It doesn't matter where you are located. CLS courses are available in several formats to meet the needs of any schedule and any location!