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An exciting future awaits you in the innovative field of modern shipbuilding!

To meet the needs of the shipbuilding industry, UW-Marinette's Office of Continuing Education with the U.S. Department of the Navy and shipbuilding companies nationwide to develop this curriculum in marine design—the first of its kind in North America! Through this unique program, you will learn the entry-level skills needed to begin a new career in the innovative field of modern shipbuilding.

Industry Introductory Courses

For those exploring or onboarding into the industry:

Shipyard Orientation

This 3D, online, on-demand course is designed for new hires and those considering employment in the industry. Accessing an immersive 3D virtual shipyard, trainees fly their avatars through and above the yard, exploring its inner workings while gaining an introduction to basic terminology, material flow, safety, confined spaces, weld flash, ergonomic issues, and quality assurance/quality control. Course access is typically offered through bulk purchase to shipyards (for onboarding) or to employment agencies providing workforce entry training. Demonstration access is also available to middle- and high-school student groups to educate about industry opportunity.

Introduction to Modern Shipbuilding

This 18-hour course provides an introduction to shipbuilding, exploring the factors influencing shipyard production and design: shipyard safety, industry terminology, marine materials & standards, vessel types & designs, regulatory bodies, and a wide range of shipbuilding concepts, including throw directions, ships systems and SWBS.

Shipbuilding Design Certificate Program

A certificate program to prepare you to work in the industry as an entry-level designer:

With a background in AutoCAD and an interest in working in a creative and technical field, you can learn the language, practice and strategies of shipyard fabrication using industry-standard, advanced 3D shipbuilding design software.

  • Applications of Modern Shipbuilding Design (AMSD) This 60-hour course provides the skills and knowledge to become an effective entry-level modeler for a shipyard or design agency. It offers the content of the Introduction of Modern Shipbuilding plus some beginning practical skills in structural, piping, HVAC, and electrical hands-on modeling. Prerequisites: AutoCAD and high school geometry.
  • Basics of Structural Modeling In this 50-hour, hands-on structural modeling course, you will learn to analyze 2D scantling drawings, correlate scantling drawings to build strategy/module breakdown, and create 3D parts in a planar group, a 3D structural model, assembly and profile plot drawings, and nest drawings. Prerequisite: AMSD or equivalent.
  • Basics of Pipe System & HVAC Modeling In this 63-hour, hands-on course, you will interpret a schematic, model parts and associate equipment, create parts and fittings, assign pipe runs to categories and systems, identify interferences with structural and insulation parts, create penetrations, create spool and arrangement drawings, and manage revisions. Prerequisite: AMSD or equivalent.
  • Basics of Electrical Design In this 60-hour, hands-on course, you will review electrical theory, identify the basics of electrical systems, relate how rules and regulations impact electrical system design, correlate the design process/production planning to a given shipyard, create 2D electrical system drawings, and prepare a 3D electrical model. Prerequisite: AMSD or equivalent.
  • Introduction to Design for Production In this 60-hour, hand-on course, you will explore the purpose of design for production (DFP) within the shipbuilding industry, learn to recognize the factors that influence DFP principles, and apply DFP principles to a given product model to achieve cost and time savings. Prerequisite: AMSD or equivalent

Customized Delivery

Delivery of each of the seven Modern Shipbuilding Design courses can be customized as needed for industry cohort groups. Pricing and schedules will be determined per cohort group. Delivery options include:

  • Hybrid Delivery – Either on the UW-Marinette campus or other location, this format includes both online and face-to-face (F2F) delivery. Courses can be offered at your place of business, or other location, as fits your needs. Courses vary from 18 hours to 60 hours of instruction time.
  • Online Delivery – Course can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world using UW-Marinette's online delivery platform, Desire2Learn (D2L). Students need only high-speed internet capabilities. No software is necessary, as students will access the software remotely through UW-Marinette.

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