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University of Wisconsin-Marinette

Modern Shipbuilding Courses Overview

An exciting future awaits you in the innovative
field of modern shipbuilding!

A Career in Demand for You

To meet the needs of the shipbuilding industry, UW-Marinette Continuing Education has partnered with the U.S. Department of the Navy and shipbuilding companies nationwide to develop the curriculum for 6 new courses in marine design—the first of its kind in North America!

With this unique program, you will learn the entry-level skills needed to begin a new career in the innovative field of modern shipbuilding.

Explore the theory of design, and examine the factors influencing shipbuilding process decisions.


Published articles about the program:

  • Maritime Reporter, Feb. 2008
  • Seapower Magazine, June 2012
  • Maritime Reporter, Aug. 2012
  • Naval Engineers Journal, Sept. 2012



    Shipyard Orientation

    Introduction to Modern Shipbuilding

    Shipbuilding Design Certificate Program

    This practical certificate program prepares you to work as an entry-level designer using industry-standard, advanced 3D shipbuilding design software. With a background in AutoCAD and an interest in working in a creative and technical field, you can learn the language, practice and strategies of shipyard fabrication.

    The Modern Shipbuilding Design courses can be offered in multiple delivery formats:

    Online Delivery

    The Modern Shipbuilding Design courses are delivered in a hybrid delivery format, which includes live streaming video lectures and independent lessons released asynchronously, so they can be access at anytime from anywhere in the world using UW-Marinette's online delivery platform, Desire2Learn (D2L). Students need only high-speed internet capabilities. No software is necessary, as students will access the software remotely through UW-Marinette.

    On Campus Delivery

    Each of the seven Modern Shipbuilding Design courses can be offered on campus at UW-Marinette as demand requires.

    Customized Delivery for Cohort Groups

    Delivery of each of the seven Modern Shipbuilding Design courses can be customized as needed for industry cohort groups. Pricing and schedules will be determined per cohort group. Requirements for any delivery option other than on campus at UW Marinette include a computer lab with sufficient stations for each student. Delivery options include:

    • Hybrid Delivery – Either on the UW Marinette campus or other location, this format includes both online and face-to-face (F2F) delivery. Lessons are released asynchronously online twice a week. The course instructor delivers lectures and covers course content via live streaming video.
    • Offsite F2F Cohort Group – This option is available for cohort groups who wish to take any of the courses at a location other than UW Marinette. Under this plan are several options:
      • Standard Course Delivery – Each of the seven Modern Shipbuilding Design courses can be offered at your place of business, or other location, as fits your needs. Courses vary from 18 hours to 60 hours of instruction time.
      • Accelerated Course – Course hours can be formatted in a number of ways to accommodate business needs.

    Course Credit Options

    The Modern Shipbuilding courses are offered as a series of certificate programs through UW-Marinette.

    For more information, please call or email:

    Phone: 715-735-4300 ext. 4342

    The Continuing Education Office
    University of Wisconsin-Marinette
    750 W. Bay Shore Street
    Marinette, WI 54143
    Continuing Education Homepage

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