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University of Wisconsin-Marinette

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees must be paid by the end of the second week of classes for full-term fall and spring courses. Invoices are no longer mailed to students. Please check your Prism account on-line for the amount due and tuition deadline.

The Advanced Tuition Deposit (ATD) is no longer required at the UW Colleges campuses. If you have already paid your $100 ATD for the Fall 2014 registration period the $100 will automatically be applied to your tuition.

Required: Students are required to accept the Terms and Conditions (TAC) each semester. The TAC online form is accessible on the Student Center in PRISM. Students should contact the campus Business Office if you have any questions.

Payments may be made at the campus Business Office, through the mail, or online at If mailing your payment, please allow adequate time to ensure delivery to the Business Office by the payment deadline. Please write your student I.D. number on your check. If you are expecting financial aid and it has not yet arrived, you must still make arrangements to pay your fees. Making this payment will not reduce the amount of aid you receive. In a very limited number of cases, your fee payment can be deferred until your aid arrives. If this is the case, it is important for you to contact Student Services.

The Business Office stopped accepting credit cards as a method of payment on August 4, 2003. You can, however, use them when paying tuition online. Please note that Visa is not accepted at this time. See your PRISM account at for more information.

Fee Schedule

Tuition for Online courses is not part of the Tuition Plateau, that is, the tuition for online courses is in addition to tuition for other courses.




MN Reciprocity


Upper Michigan

Tuition per semester $2,375.16 $5,867.04 $2,375.16 $3,562.80 $2,434.54
Segregated Fees (full time) $172.79 $172.79 $172.79 $172.79 $172.79
United Council Fee per semester $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00
Full-Time 12 - 18 credits per Semester (including segregated fees) 
$2,550.95 6,042.83 $2,550.95 $3,738.59 $2,610.33
Per credit $212.33 $503.32 $212.33 $311.30 $217.27
Application Fee $44.00 $44.00 $44.00 $44.00 $44.00

For payments not received by the second week of class, you will be automatically charged a $100 late fee. No grace period and no exceptions.

*Michigan Compact

Students who reside in Menominee County, Michigan are eligible for Wisconsin resident tuition rates under the Michigan Compact.

Registration Fee

$95 New & transfer students (includes placement exam fee)
$20 Special and re-entry students
$35 Placement Exam Fee

Printing Fee

A printing fee of $15.00 per semester will be assessed for each UW-Marinette student which will allow a student to print 300 pages of documents. An additional 100 pages will be added to the student’s balance free of charge for a total of 400 pages per semester. Additional pages may be purchased in $5.00 increments (100 pages), as needed, through the Business Office or Student Services.

Online Course Tuition


Audit fees

Wisconsin Residents Under age 60 - $56 per credit.
Wisconsin Residents age 60 and older - No fee.
Non-residents - $239 per credit.

Students may audit courses only with faculty approval. Audited courses do not count for degree credit. Students who take both credit and audit courses pay 100% of regular -per credit fee.

Partial Payment Plan

Please see partial payment plan page.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many area employers provide support for employees, and sometimes their family members, to attend college through tuition support, or tuition reimbursement programs. Although such programs vary from employer to employer, they include provisions for partial or full reimbursement for tuition and/or supplies after a degree credit course has been completed. Verification of enrollment and an official grade report are generally required.

Students are encouraged to check with their human resources department regarding any tuition support programs that may be available.

Returned Checks

A $20 charge (plus any applicable bank charges) will be assessed for checks returned by the bank for "non-sufficient funds."

How much will it cost with financial aid?

Use the Net Price Calculator to estimate.

Your responses will be used to calculate an estimated amount that students like you paid - after grant aid and scholarships but before student loans - to attend this institution in a given year.