Site Cycle: Movements & Versions Artwork by Nikki Painter Now On Display at UW-Marinette

By UW-Marinette

The work of artist Nikki Painter is on display in the Fine Arts Gallery at UW-Marinette Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. October 26 - November 26, 2015 with an artist’s reception on November 20 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. The public is invited to view these works which portray scenes from a world in flux and feature image fragments from architecture, demolition sites, and the natural world, which are remixed to create terrains that seem both alien and familiar. Painter stated, “I am interested in how the various spaces I create within drawings and installations fit together, and I think about them all as representing moments or seasons occurring within an invented world. This world serves as a metaphor for internal experience (or schema) in the way we each build up a perceived reality, then we tear it down to make way for new information, only to go on to rebuild a new, adjusted version.”

In addition to drawings and installations Painter also creates “dimensional drawings,” which are like shadow boxes housing drawn, collaged, and found elements to create smaller-scale three-dimensional environments. 

Painter received her Painting and Printmaking BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002 and her Studio Art MFA from American University in 2009. Painter has had solo exhibitions with Civilian Art Projects, by whom she is commercially represented in Washington, D.C. and at COOP, an artist-run space in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work has been shown at SCOPE Miami, X-Initiative’s “No Soul for Sale” in New York, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, and in the publication New American Paintings. This exhibition is funded in part by a VCU faculty research grant.

UW-Marinette Assistant Professor of Art, Lisa Wicka said, “I am excited to bring the mixed media works of Nikki Painter to UW Marinette. This exhibition connects strongly to the the art foundations, deconstructs them, and puts them back together in a new way. Painter uses her materials in a very accessible way through contour, organizational lines, color and space to take the comfortable and recognizable to create an environment both “alien and familiar.” Her work mimics internal navigation, pushes the boundaries of two-dimensional and three dimensional and allow the viewer to fill the spaces in between.”

Wicka joined UW-Marinette in the Fall of 2015. She received her BFA from the University of Central Florida, and her MFA in Painting, Printmaking and Drawing from Purdue University. Her work has shown both nationally and internationally in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Mexico and Edinburgh, and Sweden. At UW-Marinette she teaches studio art & art history courses and is the Director of the art gallery on campus.

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