Students Honored on UW-Marinette Dean's List

By UW-Marinette

The University of Wisconsin-Marinette has announced the Dean’s list for the Fall 2015 Semester. All of the students on the Dean’s list have obtained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher for their fall semester classes. The list includes both full-time and part-time students.

Highest Honors for grade point averages of 4.0 (straight A’s)
Full-time Students:
Menominee: Iris Parrish
Wausaukee: Skylee Lara
Part-time Students:
Marinette: Vicki Duffield, Bipin Singh
Menominee: Katherine Linstad
Peshtigo: Michael Butler
High Honors for grade point averages of 3.75 or higher
Full-time Students:
Abrams: Alexis Bartlett, Jacob Stoinski
Dunbar: Kendra Backhaus
France: Lea Del Gallo
Marinette: Becky Berry, Abigail Mehan, Amanda Nobles, Brandon Polzin, Jason Slawinski, Jamie Slawinski, Ivy Sutek
Menominee: Alexis Anderson, Katelyn Burby, Travis Champeau, Deborah Knernschield, Alison Nordquist, Jeremy Rivard, Amber Woods
Oconto: Ashly Preussler
Peshtigo: Amy Courtois, Jeffrey Vorpahl
Stephenson: Bret DeMille, Brandon Kau
Trenary, MI: Katelyn Trowbridge
Wallace: Alix Johnson, Chelsea Turcotte
Wausaukee: Anton Brix
Honors for grade point averages of 3.5 or higher
Full-time Students:
Abrams: Jonnie Lison
Daggett: Michael Dahlberg
Green Bay: Haley Stevenson
Marinette: Sean Alu, Jianqiao Du, Wen Feng, Hope Goes, Yangyi HU, Christiana Kmecheck, Jianing Liu, Mackenzie May, Aaron Peterson, Sarah Pettit, Mikayla Reed, Alyssa Shaffer
Menominee: Michael Danhauer, Nora Erickson, Caitlyn Host, Lucas Laperriere, Michael Mann, Timothy Porter, Zachary Ziemba
Peshtigo: Bryan Schroeder
Stephenson: Tiffany Wangerin
Wausaukee: Regina Russ
Part-time Students:
Marinette: Jade Jansen
UW-Marinette faculty and staff congratulate the students on the Dean’s list for Fall Semester 2015.
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